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From pastel crayon image exhibition - Japan modern times of great masters to the present age―

In Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Museum of Art, "pastel crayon image exhibition of great masters" is started on Tuesday, July 14 until Sunday, September 9.



With pastel crayon

To basis material of suggestion of art supplies pastel crayon created in Japan for the Taisho era period, there were crayon and Pastel. We colonized on the screen well, but on the other hand were hard to do aspect coating because we were obstinate and were slippery, and, as for the crayon composed primarily of color and wax, as for Pastel which stick, only hardened one, color, there was color development in compound color on screen well, but there was weak point that powder of color was easy to fall into.
Pastel crayon added liquid oil to ingredient of crayon and we made use of crayon, strength of Pastel each and made up for weak point and, besides, were born as art supplies which characteristic such as oil colors such as thick painting comprised.
Name pastel crayon combined Pastel "pass" with "clay" of crayon. Development of pastel crayon was called "great revolution of stick paint" in those days.

Unknown masterpiece with pastel crayon of great masters in cathedral!

Pastel crayon which none of the childhood has had in the hand. As art supplies which had good Pastel and crayon, it was invented in Japan in 1925 (Taisho 14). We settle in screen well, and color development is good by growth, and compound color and coating stack, wide expression such as scratching are possible. Because pastel crayons spread as the school teaching materials, we were apt to seem to be thing for children exclusively, but acquisition of oil colors attracted attention of many painters just after difficult World War II, and the superior characteristic came to be taken in in pictorial representation as gradually original art supplies.
Led by great masters who hang in Showa including painter, Kanae Yamamoto (come true) concerned with pastel crayon development and the spread from picture collection of cherry tree Art Museum by book exhibition from the Taisho era, and played an active part in Japan painting circles, work of modern writers introduces in addition, too. Please enjoy contest of pastel crayon image full of charm of writers more than 100.

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35.6*25.3cm cherry tree Art Museum storehouse of unknown Taro Okamoto << chicken and the sun >> production age


Kanae Yamamoto << Enoura scenery >> 1934 50.0*60.1cm cherry tree Art Museum storehouse

54.4*38.5cm cherry tree Art Museum storehouse of unknown Kiyoshi Yamashita << fireworks >> production age


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