From Friday, June 29, 2018 to Thursday, July 12

It is explosion film festival in Shinjuku!

From Friday, June 29, 2018 through Thursday, July 12, "Shinjuku Piccadilly explosion film festival" is held in Shinjuku Piccadilly.


Film festival "Shinjuku Piccadilly explosion film festival" to set large-scale and high-quality acoustic equipment for live concerts in movie theater, and to search the world and possibility of 〝 sound 〟 to have of work to the maximum, and to express high-quality 〝 sound 〟 at full blast.

The first explosion film festival held in February of this year creates a large sensation and is the second holding this time!

For more information: → Official site


Flyer list (2.4MB)


We can enjoy movie by "sound" more!

Yasuhito Higuchi (representative from boid) who plan showed the many explosion screening that we used live sound system for music in various places throughout Tokyo, Kichijoji bows theater and the all over Japan from 2004 as for producing "Shinjuku Piccadilly explosion film festival" generally, and right created "way of enjoying new movies" called "explosion."

We are full of movie love, and sound suitable for new item, former work texture mixing selection, work each adjusts nine masterpieces thinking that Higuchi with reputation wants you to thoroughly enjoy this by "explosion" by delicate and artistic produce.

The powerful scene is dynamic, and put the scenes with feeling of strain together in work, scene each to become smoother, and please taste new impression that you were not able to experience at all so far by adjusting volume, sound pressure delicately by all means in theater!


Curious screening work...!

"Greatest showman," one action "explosion" shows luxurious masterpiece of old and new 9 products including "triumphant return of a bafubari king" <full version> "la la land" "Les Miserables"!


Screening work <all 9 works> *[for the first time]: The explosion film festival first screening

■Greatest showman

■Les Miserables

■La la land

■mamma mia! [for the first time]

■Kings man

■Kings man: Golden circle

■Baby driver

■bafubari legend birth

■Triumphant return <full version> of a bafubari king (original Telugu version)


The flyer back (2.5MB)


From Friday, June 29, 2018 to Thursday, July 12


1 work one law 1,800 yen (tax-included)

*Each admission ticket is released at Shinjuku Piccadilly official WEB( and theater window in the following schedule

*But only when sale at theater window has unsold seat

[for from Friday, June 29 to Thursday, July 5] Sale in WEB: Sale at 6/26( fire) 18:00 - theater window: 6/27( water) theater OPEN

[for from Friday, July 6 to Thursday, July 12] Sale in WEB: Sale at 7/3( fire) 18:00 - theater window: 7/4 Wednesday theater OPEN


Shochiku multiplex theaters


Lawson HMV entertainment, boid


Shinjuku Piccadilly
〒160-0022 3-15-15, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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