From Thursday, May 10, 2018 to Sunday, June 10
Only on Friday ... 19:00 (as for the * entrance until 15 minutes ago)

Big picture and small picture

"The Sato Museum of Art store product exhibition big picture and small picture" are held with skill in Sato building until from Thursday, May 10 to Sunday, June 10.


Big picture and small picture - The Sato Museum of Art store exhibition ...

Appreciation of picture includes various ways of enjoying. We pay attention to difference in expression by size of picture this time.
For example, we think about distance with work to appreciate. Need to take distance between work when we are going to keep the total picture under control with work of 4m in width comes out. In addition, grasp of warm expression becomes difficult if we do not access work with small work.
Painter puts the ingenuity in how to describe and composition in each size of work and produces. We are careful about these a little, and there may be new discovery when we see theme or how to describe works.


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Mizuho Ishii, Keiko Inokuma, Sohei Iwata, kairoyo, Noriko Okawara, Hiroko Ono, Mika Okumura, Kazutoshi Oshimoto, Tomoyuki Kambe, Kiyomi Koshihata, *seiki, Aiko Sakamoto, Sugawara 100 Kei, Keiji Takashima, Masaya Hasegawa, Rei Bando Italy child, Makoto Fujimura, Ayumi Matsuike, Hanako Matsumoto, sansekakorekai, Yuko Murakoshi, forest Kyoko (the order of the kana syllabary)


For more information: → Official site


*seiki "voice"


With Kiyomi Koshihata "small song"



From Thursday, May 10, 2018 to Sunday, June 10

・<Closed> On Monday

・<Opening Hours> From 10:00 to 17:00 (only on Friday ... 19:00) *Admission until 15 minutes before closing


The public: 600 yen university student, high school student: Free of charge lower than 400 yen * junior high student


The Sato Museum of Art 

〒160-0015 31-10, Daikyocho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


・It is a 5-minute walk from JR Sendagaya Station
・It is a 6-minute walk from JR Shinanomachi Station
・It is a 4-minute walk from Toei Oedo Line Kokuritsu-Kyogijo Station


Sato international culture Ikuei foundation


TEL 03-3358-6021


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