From Saturday, April 28, 2018 to 29th Sunday

It is pub crawl to one hand in bottle and cup♪

"Takadanobaba sake circulation 2018" is held on Sunday on Saturday, April 28, 29th. Let's enjoy recommended sake visiting participation shops!


The second Takadanobaba sake circulation 2018

Place that gained fame in Takadanobaba great swordsman Yasubee Horibe of the Edo era by "duel of Takadanobaba."

Yasubee Horibe was Oguraya of Waseda before duel, and one cup was liking to drink as we picked up.

Such ground, event that sake circulation can enjoy in Takadanobaba related to Yasubee Horibe is held. At the second holding and this time to be, participation shops largely increase, too, and 13 stores participate! Let's enjoy each store recommended sake to one hand in original bottle and cup!

For more information: → Official site

Flow of participation

  1. We pay entrance fee in general acceptance and trade with original bottle and cup. Advance ticket 1,000 yen / today's ticket 1,200 yen *Price is tax-included
  2. With the bottle and cup to participation store *Bottle and cup is available as two days, identification of participation.
  3. At each store, we can enjoy one cup of special liquor for 300 yen (60 ml). 500 yen uniform as for the dishes!
  4. We are careful about excessive drinking, and let's enjoy visiting participation stores.

On the date

Saturday, April 28, 29th Sunday
From 12:00 to 18:00

General receptionist

Big box 1F concourse

〒169-8677 1-35-3, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku

Entrance fee, application

We can apply for participation from store of event holding store or net.

Advance sale: 1,000 yen

On the day: 1,200 yen

*Price is tax-included



Holding place

Around Takadanobaba


Takadanobaba newspaper official site


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