From Friday, May 4, 2018 to 6th Sunday
No charge for admission (rainy weather decisive action)

No charge for admission! Gourmet & bazaar in Africa

"Semi-world Festival in Tokyo" (Shinjuku) is held in open space of water of Shinjuku Central Park. No charge for admission (rainy weather decisive action)

is holding from May 4 (celebration, money) - 6th Sunday



Let's eat up home gourmet dishes of ... world! ... (event of the 50th anniversary of the Shinjuku Central Park opening of the park)

We introduce culture of world various countries by "semi-world Festival" and are festival to reproduce genuine world reduction version "cicada world", and to deepen understanding to multicultural symbiosis.
We feature culture to have the origin toward Africa in particular and Africa and send culture full of various charm of each country!
Even parent and child including African drum experience and stamp rally can enjoy! Present which is wonderful for child in "Children's Day" for five days!

For more information: → Official site

The date

May 4 (celebration), 5th Saturday, 6th Sunday from 10:00 to 21:00 (on the last day until 17:30)
*Open knight pre-for three days (celebration)! 17:00 ...


Open space of Shinjuku Central Park water




Free of charge *Rainy weather decisive action


The African copter Teiji committee secretariat
TEL 045-479-2275


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