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Hot! Naito chili pepper chocolate

We appear this year! Chocolate "Naito chili pepper chocolate" using Naito chili pepper is collaboration product in commemoration of Shinjuku-ku and friendship tie-up of Ina-shi. We are selling for a limited time!

<the deadline> February 28, 2018 ※Arrival of product is around 2-3 days after the order


Naito chili pepper chocolate

Naito chili pepper collaboration plan of Shinjuku-ku and Ina-shi. How about chocolate which Pirie tto with Naito chili pepper is severe in in season on Valentine's Day?
It is limited sweet only for this time with well-known store [dolce Corinna] of sweets in Ina-shi, Nagano.

Chocolate of taste that is dark to Valentine's Day and present of white day by all means!

Sales price: 1,000 yen (tax-excluded)

Order performs dumbness in Japan (tax-included price: 1,080 yen); in newspaper webshop of potato. 


◆Chocolate (Christian era about 1500)◆

In the old days, Columbus discovered red pepper in South America in the Age of Geographical Discovery and spread in the take-out world in Europe and America. Columbus discovers raw materials "cacao" of chocolate in same South America, and it is recorded that indigenous people puts red pepper in the liquid which squeezed cacao and drank.

Cacao was introduced to Europe and became chocolate which the drink ate and opened afterwards all over the world. Red pepper and chocolate seemed to have relationship for a long time.

◆Naito chili pepper

The Edo era, the Shinjuku whole area were territories of Naito feudal clan said to be Naito Shinjuku.

Chili pepper cultivated around current Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden became reputation, and Shinjuku became famous red pepper production center.

When it is scene which bright red carpet pulls when we look at the Okubo area from Yotsuya when it is autumn, and is filled with, it is recorded.

It is modern times and looks for seeds of this extinct chili pepper and is authorized as revival, now traditional Edo Tokyo vegetables and begins to spread.


◆Shinjuku-ku and Ina-shi◆

Shinjuku-ku and relationship with Ina-shi (old Takatou town) date back to the Edo era.

The current Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden whole area was suburban residence of a daimyo of the lofty feudal lord Naitos, and deepened friendship from post town "Naito Shinjuku" that part was new and relations that it was and declared friendship tie-up on July 12, 1986 approximately 20 years ago.

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<the deadline> February 28, 2018 ※Arrival of product is around 2-3 days after the order


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