From Wednesday, November 1, 2017 to Sunday, December 31

Herb hot water general election!

We are holding until the sixth yugejii Festival ... herb hot water general election - last day of the year!

yugejii and "vote for favorite from 11 kinds of hot water of natural herb one which decides numero uno of herb hot water!"

It is sealed point of herb hot water stamp when we take a bath into herb hot water carried out with handbill during event period. We get right to vote with three stamps!
Each bathhouse first arrival 350 people can win present when we vote for favorite herb hot water.
(we offer 350 pieces in each * bathhouse. As number includes limit, to hasten!)

Shinjuku public bath official site


11 kinds of herb hot water! Let's warm with herb hot water in cold winter♪

Herb is lavender, pepper focus, Rose, chamomile, lemon & lemon, hibiscus, Rose hips, Louis boss, eucalyptus, green tea, gorgeousness 11 kinds of jasmine!
One vote is possible by "bathing than three kinds of different types of herb hot water"! When you take a bath to the same type of hot water, please note that you are not counted!

It is unmissable to perform herb hot water general election of news of held public bath on yugejiiga Twitter today! → yugejii official Twitter account


The sixth yugejii Festival handbill (849.8KB) sixth yugejii Festival handbill herb hot water holding itinerary (972.5KB)

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