From Monday, October 2, 2017 to 31st Tuesday
It is one month from Monday, October 2, 2017

Chef recommendation course

Do you not feel autumn to eat "chef recommendation course" in cartwright's shop Main Store, and to deepen? You can enjoy for one month from Monday, October 2.



Cooking long recommendation course (the first floor)

In ceramic ware, it is 1. When meat is chosen; 8,800 yen (tax sa distinction)

     2. When fish is chosen; 7,800 yen
※Ceramic ware / meal, please choose favorite article
Small appetizer: Custard-like dish of ground chestnuts friend sause ginger

Small kettle substitute: Mushrooms boiled dish in a teapot
Matsutake mushroom Grifola frondosa shiitake chicken tsukune gingko nut honewort Citrus sudachi

Two kinds of structures :Seasonal made whitefish is thin made

gosakana: Lily bulb steamed bun tortoiseshell bean jam wasabi

Ceramic ware:
1.Grilled ・ Japanese black beef (50 g)
2.・ yellowtail (teriyaki / foods grilled with salt), saury grilled with salt, eel (kabayaki / unglazed pottery), others

・Seasonal nigiri-zushi (with small soup)

・Taichazuke specially made by cartwright's shop
・Inaniwa somen (cold / on) others

Sweetness: Almond jelly blueberry sauce



It is one month from Monday, October 2



Cartwright's shop Main Store

〒160-0021 2-37-1, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
It is approximately 7 minutes on foot from the JR Shinjuku Station east exit
It is approximately 3 minutes on foot from Seibu Line Shinjuku Station



Cartwright's shop Main Store

TEL: 03-3232-0301
The details are this → Official website

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