From Wednesday, August 8, 2018 to 10th Friday
*Application before important business

What will it be when we play?

In Waseda University Theatre Museum, we hold o where workshop for children of summer vacation "will be what when we play empaku ★ child drama classroom 2018".

The date: Three days on from Wednesday, August 8 to 10th Friday *Application before important business, participation for free


empaku ★What will child drama classroom 2018 be when we play?

As event of summer vacation of children, we title saying "empaku ★ child drama classroom 2018 will be what when we play" and are drama workshop of style that we think by oneself and make and give.

Teenage children from ⼩ school ⾼ school year when object does nari ⻑ from child to ⼤⼈ to junior high school three years ⽣. It is dramatist, director, and lecturer is Mr. well-known Hirata oriza in drama workshop. On the last day, there is ⾏ in presentation staging result between 3⽇ on the stage of Waseda small theater dorama building.

Essence of "we play" is plentiful in pleasant game and group work. Through experience to play, hatsu ⾒ does for ⾃ which children did not know so far and will be that it is at opportunity touched ⾒ in new possibility!

*From time last year held as for the photograph state of announcement on the last day

→The details about workshop are this

[Date and Time]

Three days every day from 10:00 to 17:00 (going to be finished) of Wednesday, August 8 - 10⽇ (⾦)


The Waseda University yard, Waseda small theater dorama building

Workshop summary

Application method


Sponsorship: "International drama city TOKYO" to send to from Waseda University Theatre Museum, Shinjuku project executive committee
The furtherance: 2018 Agency for Cultural Affairs area and art museum, history Museum creation activity support project that worked in double harness


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