From Wednesday, July 18, 2018 to 23rd Monday

Lupin is Jack in Isetan!

"Summer festival of ISETAN X Lupin the Third # Lupin" is held in Isetan Shinjuku store until Monday for from Wednesday, July 18 to 23rd. Throb that Lupin gangs set is heated; do not be heated, and do not overlook the merrymaking!


"Summer festival of ISETAN X Lupin the Third # Lupin"

Collaboration plan of Lupin the Third and Isetan very popular every time! We hold the third "summer festival of # Lupin" that enlarged venue this time in the roof and hall.
In addition to sale of item of treasure grade, bistro and cafe, bar which Lupin fan *shoku gourmet can taste come up.
In addition, mystery event to solve mystery visiting the jazz live and Isetan building where are full of Lupin sound is performed in the roof.
The merrymaking of Lupin who worked as on the stage of Isetan Shinjuku store without passing over! *Some plans need reservation.

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◆Treasure items of Lupin gangs gather!

Fashion, art, cosmetics, items of Lupin fan appendix slaver including stationery which are available only here assemble in full force!

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◆Bistro (possible seat reservation)

Second shop "Bistro Riquewihr" of CAFÉRESTAURANT LA RIVIERE coming out to "Lupin the Third PART5" broadcasting in Nippon Television others (bisutororikuviru) comes up now! We can taste gourmet whom Lupin including galette and meatball spaghetti ate with great relish! Only person who entered "rupambisutororikuviru" offers limited goods not to be able to buy! → The details check this!

In addition, there are cafe, bar of no appointment necessary, too.

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◆Live (during ticket release)

Yuji Ono & rupantikkushikkusu "Lupin jazz live" of one-night stand held in commemoration of ISETAN X Lupin the Third 2018 holding
Yuji Ono who there are many Lupin the Third beginning and signature tunes of TV animation, movie to do, and deals, and conveys pleasure and profundity of jazz.
Jazz live that is stylish in guru-vi by new life "Yuji Ohno & Lupintic Six" which he leads. Lupin sound, performance of force without passing over!



◆Black notebook (by appointment only) of Lupin mystery Isetan

Event to solve mystery looking for hint at each site in Isetan Shinjuku store!


From Wednesday, July 18 to 23rd Monday

It is finished daylong at 18:00


The sixth floor of the Isetan Shinjuku store Main Building


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