From Thursday, March 1, 2018 to Monday, April 30

Hospitality to feel spring

"maria-ju of spring dainty food and supreme bliss that cherry tree colors" which Special Menu that featured the theme of cherry tree can enjoy is held in Keio Plaza Hotel until from Thursday, March 1 to April 30 (month, shinkyu).

In addition, you give sohana and decoration that featured the theme of cherry tree in various forms in hall and can use as photospot of taking a ceremonial photograph.


daikatasohana of person of from Saturday, March 31 to Sunday, April 15 flower arrangement Hiroki Maeno *sohana of last year

"Spring dainty food and maria-ju of supreme bliss which cherry tree colors"

Special Menu that featured the theme of cherry tree which each chef devised in French & Italian, Chinese food, Kaiseki, restaurant 8 store including Korean food is offered.
*Rate of mention includes all service charge, tax



* The second-floor / Kaiseki <*juan> which tastes Kaiseki in celebration of spring departure

Lunch & dinner Kaiseki 15,500 yen *Lunch is reservation required until the day before


* Italian eating a food with great relish the second floor / French & in French of gorgeous sign of spring <duofurushietto>

French lunch 8,500 yen

French dinner 12,000 yen

*We offer by the second-floor / Chinese food <Nanen>, Japanese dishes <sew>, Korean dining <staple grains bower>, Allday dining <forest>, the seventh floor of the main building / tempura <seasonal>, grilling foods on an iron plate <at the same level as mountain> other than the above


* Champagne & wine appropriate for season of dishes and celebration to enjoy

Champagne refined according to the words in "Champagne appropriate for queen"

"Piper edoshikkuburyutto" glass 2,100 yen bottle 14,000 yen others

Red mei* wine is offered others rose, white, too.


[sohana which featured the theme of cherry tree]

* "Straight tree of life ... ... that we had a pain with you all the time" exhibition

We hold collaboration art exhibition of Mizuki Kanda who plays an active part in flower arrangement work of cherry tree by person of flower arrangement Hiroki Maeno and student of Tohoku University of Art and Design as painter.

The left: Person of flower arrangement Hiroki Maeno flower arrangement work (image), the right: Painter Mizuki Kanda work (image)


Keio Plaza Hotel

〒160-8330 2-2-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


Inquiry about dishes: 03-3344-0111 (main) [restaurant reservation]

Inquiry about display: 03-5322-8061 [lobby gallery direct communication]


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