From Wednesday, April 25, 2018 to Tuesday, May 8
・First week from Wednesday, April 25 to Tuesday, May 1
・Second week from Wednesday, May 2 to 8th Tuesday

We eat up Hokkaido in Shinjuku!

"Hokkaido food fair" is held in Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku. Does GW not perform absorption in Hokkaido gourmet in Shinjuku?

Approximately 80 open a store in large quantities while replacing some stores! is holding from From Wednesday, April 25 to Tuesday, May 8


Sapporo-shi "market meal sign KIZASHI" sign lunch - dance (dance) - Odakyu-limited

Close "from deluxe lunch; to parfait of"! "We try out" Hokkaido gourmets and can enjoy "we drink a little" &♪

By "Hokkaido food fair" held in Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku other than deluxe lunch of "dual wielding" of meat and sea foods in Sapporo meal after having drunk; "close", and up-and-coming gourmet including cute parfait of toshite topic appears.

In addition, chilly sweets which seem to be pleased with in season that soft serve of "north bloom tower" opens a store for the first time in Kanto and sweats by child are development!

In line inevitable eat-in, ramen restaurant "mentoko maruha BEYOND" proud of popularity of the top in Sapporo comes up for the first time every time. While, in venue, picking up roast beef and deli of products of Hokkaido beef; of relaxing and "Sorachi wine" stand, and can thoroughly enjoy drink, and "try out" on holiday, and weekday work return can enjoy "drink slightly".


◆With "dual wielding" lunch as for the meat as for the sea foods! Deluxe gourmet that appearance is luxurious

"Dual wielding" that let you serve Hokkaido "Shiraoi beef" and sea foods which are recommended to person who wants to taste meat, sea foods at a time lunch is appearance. In addition, meat including steak lunch which appearance can thoroughly enjoy to rare part of seafood flyer and meat of force perfect score, "specialization type" of sea foods lunch are in good health.


It is clockwise from the top,

  1. Lunch 2,700 yen /1 fold soaked in ricemalt of Sapporo-shi "grill glad" (guriruguraddo) Shiraoi beef and fish and shellfish *Only as for the first week

  2. 100 Odakyu-limited every day-limited in Sapporo-shi "market meal sign KIZASHI" sign lunch - dance (dance) - 2,700 yen /1 occasion

  3. Ten Odakyu-limited every day-limited in feast steak lunch 4,680 yen /1 occasion of Sapporo-shi "Matsusaka of steakhouse beef" spring *Only as for the second week


◆In 3 danju of roast beef and deli! Wine and trendy gourmet who tastes

kimakarepan where 3 danju which is the "coloring and beauty" that assorted roast beef roll and deli granting "we want to eat in various ways little by little" from popular farm restaurant in Hokkaido appears only in Odakyu, and cheese of celebrity soup curry shop melts away is the first appearance. We can taste with up-and-coming "Sorachi wine" as the latest trend in Baru form in venue.


It is clockwise from the top,

  1. 30 Odakyu-limited every day-limited in Iwamizawa-shi "terrace of the earth" spring for coloring of Sorachi and beautiful lunch 2,500 yen /1 fold (3 danju)  *Only as for the first week
  2. Sapporo-shi "soup curry bagubagu" kimakarepan 400 yen chizukimakarepan 450 yen / for each one *Only as for the second week
  3. Compare by drinking three kinds than eight kinds of Iwamizawa-shi "Sorachi wine station" Hokkaido wine; *60 ml of 1,500 yen /3 class

◆"Kitakaro" Software is Kanto first to go out shop of this! Chilly sweets to want to eat for tightening

Soft serve of "Kitakaro" not to be able to readily taste comes up for the first time any place other than Hokkaido. In addition, in Sapporo meal after having drunk; "close", and, as for the appearance of toshite topic, cute parfait is pleased with by child and woman.


From the left,

  1. Sunagawa-shi "HORI, Kitakaro" vanilla soft serve 380 yen /1 book
  2. Tiramisu parfait 669 yen / for each one cup of crepe parfait 972 yen heart of Sapporo-shi "sweets bar Melty" strawberry and chocolate banana *Only as for the second week
  3. Sapporo-shi "re D Rome plus" jieratodoppio 500 yen /1 unit (height of two kinds) *Only as for the second week


◆Ramen proud of popularity of the Sapporo top comes up for the first time! We like very much, and we are loved, and all are gourmet

Ramen shop "mentoko maruha BEYOND" chosen as "the delicious shop ranking first place" with ramen magazine of Sapporo in line inevitable eat-in every time is the first appearance. In addition, Odakyu-limited menu appears from popular Butadon and soup curry restaurant in royal road.


From the left,

  1. 70 cups of colorful Butadon 1,398 yen /1 cup every day-limited Odakyu-limited of Shimizu-cho, Tokachi "drive-in spring water Head Office to mind" spring *Only as for the first week
  2. Sapporo-shi "mentoko maruha BEYOND" miso Chinese noodles 930 yen /1 cup *Only as for the first week
  3. Sapporo-shi "CHUTTA!" 100 meals of soup curry 1,500 yen /1 public every day-limited Odakyu-limited of Shiretoko chicken *Only as for the second week

Sale period

<time> From 10:00 to 20:00 *We are closed at 17:00 on Tuesday, May 1 and the last day


The eleventh floor of the Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku Main Building promotional hall
〒160-8001 1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo - 1 - 3



JR, each Odakyu Line others private railroad line Shinjuku Station west exit are immediate


Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku

TEL 03-3342-1111 (main switchboard)

Official website


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