From Wednesday, January 16, 2019 to 24th Thursday

"Winter Hokkaido food fair"

We hold "winter Hokkaido food fair" in the eleventh floor of the Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku Main Building promotional hall until from Wednesday, January 16 to Thursday, January 24!

We feature gourmet of Okhotsk blessed with Nature located at the northeastern part of Hokkaido and we replace store during period in eat-in of favorable reception every year and relay-type introduce two ramen shops of popularity in Okhotsk. In addition, premium seafood lunch which can taste "salmon child" which is said to be fantastic salmon appears. Furthermore, we have cheesecake and snow cone, "strawberry sweets" including Daifuku which can thoroughly enjoy taste of seasonal strawberry.

  • "Winter Hokkaido food fair" point
    "Okhotsk gourmet" special feature
    ・We introduce "wave spray" (sea spray) and "ramen relationship" by relay in eat-in!
    ・Fantastic premium lunch of salmon "salmon child" comes up!
    ・Raw dorayaki of emu which Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture developed comes up!
    Seasonal strawberry sweets feature to want to eat in winter

★ Okhotsk gourmet feature

●We introduce two ramen of Okhotsk popularity by relay

 We replace store with the first half in eat-in in the latter half during period and introduce two popular ramen restaurants by relay in Okhotsk.

Shari-cho "wave spray (sea spray) featuring melty barbecued pork," up-and-coming Kitami-shi "ramen relationship" opens a store with ramen of "kossari" origin in the first half in the latter half.

★Is the Shari-cho "wave spray" (sea spray) Shiretoko sea; and soy sauce W barbecued pork topping 1,250 yen /1 cup (150 cups of every day limitation)

 Was full of flavors only using soup stock of the sea, and topping did two kinds of specialty melty barbecued pork to full-bodied soup; is deluxe; is full.
<branch period: From Wednesday, January 16 to 19th Saturday>


★Kitami-shi "ramen relationship" North Sea relationship miso 1,350 yen /1 cup (150 cups of every day limitation)

Ramen which can enjoy the kotteritoassarino middle of "kossari" origin. Affinity of large curl noodles is outstanding among specialty soup.
<branch period: From Sunday, January 20 to 24th Thursday>


●Fantastic salmon "salmon child" can taste! Seafood of Okhotsk

★3,456 yen /1 fold full of Shari-cho "utopia Shiretoko" premium salmon (15 every day limitation)

Seafood lunch which fatty "salmon child" can fully taste unloaded in Shiretoko Shari-cho appears. It is premium one article that can thoroughly enjoy seafood of Okhotsk that fully picked up Ruibe of salmon child and Ruibe of large time salmon, how much soy marinated from Shiretoko.

●Raw dorayaki of emu comes up! We thoroughly enjoy large blessings of nature of Okhotsk

 Emu (Australian national bird) which is bred at ranch of Abashiri-shi. "Raw dorayaki" using egg with unique elasticity of the emu which "Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture bioindustry" established as venture company from Tokyo University of Agriculture developed appears.

In addition, we introduce gourmet who kept material only in naturally comfortable Okhotsk including gelato using milk from Abashiri which craftsman who won the championship at "drift ice draft" which used drift ice of the Sea of Okhotsk for training water and gelato world meeting "Shah Beth Festival" of Italy as Japanese for the first time makes alive.

Abashiri-shi "Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture bioindustry" shotomo (emu) raw dorayaki 324 yen /1 unit

★Abashiri-shi "Abashiri beer" drift ice draft 480 yen /1 book (330 ml)


Abashiri-shi "forest of squirrel" milk, pistachio, strawberry Bianco
450 yen (single), 540 yen (double), 590 yen (triple)


★ Sweets feature using seasonal strawberry

 We introduce sweets which can thoroughly enjoy taste of seasonal strawberry including Daifuku using strawberry to snow cone and bean jam which sharpened strawberry entirely.


Sapporo-shi "Sapporo la neige" strawberry dome Rich 1,380 yen /1 unit (every day-limited 30)

Pink dome type is cheesecake of big impact. Using strawberry and Hokkaido cream cheese, it is taste heavy with moisture.

Of Hakodate-shi "caféakira" hakodate love strawberry go light; strawberry 600 yen /1 cup

Snow cone which we let "hakodate love strawberry" characterized by sweetness of sugar content 15 degrees freeze and just sharpened. We put plentiful milk and can thoroughly enjoy taste of strawberry entirely.

Sapporo-shi "Sapporo snowman" strawberry milk Daifuku (milk taste, strawberry taste) for each 280 yen /1 unit (every day-limited for each 100)

 It is Daifuku that is pretty visually that put milk bean jam, strawberry bean jam and strawberry in the rice cake of sticky texture entirely each.

Strawberry marble chiffon 378 yen /1 unit (every day-limited 120) of Bibai-shi "it is over back bakery" rice,
Financier plane 184 yen /1 book (80 every day limitation), strawberry 194 yen /1 book (50 every day limitation) of rice,
ichigomiruku bread 162 yen /1 piece (100 pieces of every day limitation)

 Chiffon cake using rice flour of hometown, Bibai is sticky, and feature shittorishita texture; popular item of shop. In addition, kanaichigomiruku bread full of flavors that we baked using Hokkaido wheat flour which selected carefully is recommended to both snacks and breakfast.


Held summary

Name: "Winter Hokkaido food fair"
is holding from From Wednesday, January 16 to 24th Thursday from 10:00 to 20:00 *We are closed at 17:00 on the last day
Place: The eleventh floor of the Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku Main Building promotional hall
The location: 1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo - 1 - 3
<Access> The Shinjuku Station west exit is immediate
TEL: 03 - 3342 - 1111 (main switchboard)

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