From Wednesday, December 26, 2018 to Friday, May 31, 2019

Strawberry X mofumofunyankono strongest collaboration♪

"Strawberry CATS collection" dessert fair is held in Hilton Tokyo the first floor "marble lounge" during period until from Wednesday, December 26 to the middle of May, 2019.



Too cute collaboration with mofumofu cat and strawberry dessert that the hotel first faint in agony is cute

In Hilton Tokyo the first floor "marble lounge," we start common usage, dessert fair of strawberry on Wednesday, December 26 every year.

This theme "strawberry CATS collection."

On the stage of town of Paris, it unfolds in mofumofu cat that the hotel first faint in agony is cute and too cute collaboration with strawberry dessert. Rate starts 3,900 yen (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 4,050 yen) per person at half past 2 p.m. every day until half past 5.

*January 3 is different from business hours in rate from January 1, 2019.

[cooperation: wool felt writer Madame Coco]

By fair of 2018, 78,000 packs, noted product fair of Hilton Tokyo "marble lounge" using approximately 22 tons of strawberries, festival of strawberry dessert open curtain with flavor that is sweet-sour this year at the hotel whole during period. To captive of cat striding along town of Paris freewheelingly and cat which is lovely from moment when one step set foot in lounge as for this fair to give buffet stand with catwalk new item strawberry dessert approximately 30 kinds doing orderly and esprit of stylish Paris! Cats appearing in various places of Paris including the stage of Moulins rouge and the open cafe, Eiffel Tower and flea market for emergency posture. With cat at ski araba dessert, you can spend a time of supreme bliss to be surrounded by various strawberry dessert.

The latest dessert fully used fresh strawberry in 2019 when Hilton Tokyo executive pastry chef Osamu Harita gave
French collection assembles in full force. Topping did pistachio and orenjikonfi and finished "strawberry tart a la Parisienne" who spread Better Orange-flavored custard cream and glossy strawberry all on the crunchy tart (* 1) in adult taste slightly. We have baked apple in piecrust and, let alone hall cake such as "strawberry Montelimar where cat beats fast" with (* 3), rose, lychee, "strawberry Ispahan" of refined taste using strawberry that topping did strawberry cream and berry to mousse of with santonore-style "strawberry of Marchais" (* 2), walnut and almond honey that topping did soft and fluffy whip cream and strawberry, it is fragrant and has high phrase de boa in strawberry mousse, and, "ma minetto which treated cat ear in raspberry," screw Cui of pheasant tiger design offers sweets of cat lover appendix slaver full of senses of fun of chef including bite-sized cream bread "cat punch" which imaged hand of "le sha rouge" which treated plentiful strawberry and lovely meat ball mark to unbearable "strawberry `pheasant tiger' charlotte" (* 4), ruby chocolate and tart of passion fruit and cat which is round if soft.

"Strawberry tiramisu which treated freeze dry strawberry to Mascarpone cream which let flavor of body Rico (field poppy) work let alone fresh strawberry which it does not spill, and was piled in glass," glass sweets such as "strawberry shots" that flavor of lemon Verbena hybrida is refreshing, "macaron" can enjoy "chocolate Fountain" of "cold marble ice cream" and three meringue and "strawberry pal feh" of berry compote as much as desired.

In addition, it is most suitable as as teatime when we are elegant as "bouillabaisse" with full of "baguette sandwich" and seafood enjoying original sand in various ingredients materials offers favorite light meal of Parisienne including "quiche of mushrooms and bacon" and "couscous salad" or rather late lunch. Mistake give a time to feel coming of spring that one pair is early with dessert of sweet-sour strawberry.

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On the date

We plan from Wednesday, December 26, 2018 to the middle of May
From 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.


/ child (4-12 years old) 2,500 yen for from Monday to Friday of 3900 yen per person
SAT SUN Celebration / child (4-12 years old) 2,600 yen of 4050 yen per person

*Road according to consumption tax, service charge


Hilton Tokyo 1F "marble lounge"


Hilton Tokyo
〒160-0023 6-6-2, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo



Wool felt writer Madame Coco


TEL 03-3344-5111 (main)
*Restaurant reservation time from 10:00 to 21:00 


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