From Sunday, April 1, 2018 to Saturday, June 30

The world of Beauty and the Beast to enjoy at hotel

Keio Plaza Hotel starts fair "Beauty and the Beast that was in love with rose" that featured the theme of French children's story "Beauty and the Beast" on Sunday, April 1 in in-house restaurant lounge 4 store until Saturday, June 30.


Photograph: Sweets buffet "princess among sweets"
In in-house restaurant lounge 4 store, we hold fair "Beauty and the Beast that was in love with rose" that featured the theme of French children's story "Beauty and the Beast" (Mrs. Beaumont product).
Decoration that featured the theme of "Beauty and the Beast" is put for four places in total in front of restaurant 3 store on the second floor and wedding salon providing Special Menu on the fourth floor ago and calls popularity as perfect photo spot.



Photograph: (the left) in front of Super buffet <grass court> store in front of Allday dining <forest> store (the right)

"Princess among sweets"

Under the theme of "princess Bell gentle at heart appearing in children's story," please thoroughly enjoy princess feeling with sweets buffet which can eat approximately 30 kinds of pretty sweets of hotel patissier.
In addition, table coordinates that imaged party of French palace lighted up by chandelier shining in store are decorated like picture described in frame of gold at all. We can enter and are displayed, and customer takes as hand, and case becomes able to see script of the stage of "Beauty and the Beast" published in France Bordeaux in 1900.


The second-floor / Allday dining <forest>


From 15:00 to 17:30 (L.O. 17:00)
Adult one 3,800 yen
Dwarf (to 4 years old - primary schoolchild) is 2600 yen per person *With drink

*It includes service charge, tax


"Buffet of palace"

You interlace characteristic that became stage of story of France and can enjoy view of the world of story with decoration in shop which imaged dinner of France palace with buffet which we chose in ingredients and keyword to appear in children's story.
In addition, in front of store, art decoration of rose by flower artist Haruhi is given glory to by both sides.


The second-floor / Super buffet <grass court>

is holding from

From Sunday, April 1 to Thursday, May 31
*It becomes [two part system, special price] together in the night and day on Sunday on - 6th on Thursday (holiday) on from Saturday, April 28 to 30th (month, shinkyu), May 3.
<lunch> Adult one person

Weekdays 3,600 yen / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 4,100 yen
<dinner> Adult one person
Weekdays 5,600 yen / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 6,600 yen
*It includes service charge, tax


"Bell and ball to enjoy"

Girls-only gathering plan that featured the theme of story to begin with appetizer which we likened to rose 〟 of 〝 one. Please enjoy episode of "Beauty and the Beast" with dishes.
In addition, space art object of rose which we created in the image of moment when magic of spell was removed by power of love of furawaa-tisuto Emi Hashimoto & noriesanniyoru Beauty and the Beast is posted in front of store.


The second-floor / French & Italian <duofurushietto>


Entering a shop until from 17:30 to 19:30
/2 .5 hours system available than two people
Complete plan that it needs reservations
*Reservation required
6500 yen per person
*It includes five articles of dishes, free drink, service charge, tax


"Afternoon Tea to color with flower"

You can enjoy with Afternoon Tea which expressed view of the world of children's story "Beauty and the Beast" with the monthly flower. Please spend 1:00 of elegant early afternoon with view of 160 meters above the ground.


The 45th-floor / skylounge <aurora>


From 14:00 to 16:30 (L.O.)
*Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are ... at 13:00
4,300 yen *In a limited quantity
*It includes service charge, tax

In addition, various events are held!

In addition, wedding plan, special event "aroma & night sweets party of fascination are held, too".

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