From Wednesday, July 25, 2018 to 28th Saturday

Summer feature of Kagurazaka

"The 47th Kagurazaka Festival" is performed in Kagurazaka which taste of Edo remains on Saturday for from Wednesday, July 25 to 28th, and Awa Folk Dance is shown by holding and roadside of ground cherry fair.


The 47th Kagurazaka Festival

"Ground cherry fair" "Awa Folk Dance" is held in Kagurazaka which taste of Edo remains by 2nd. Stand sale (approximately 50) of neighboring restaurants is popular in addition to sale of cheeks enthusiast bowl in ground cherry fair. Child fair, god of treasure stage, town guidance by NPO or yukata dressing service are carried out at the same time, too. A total of approximately 45 show dance full of heat in two days, and Awa Folk Dance features Awa Folk Dance to be carried out in slope. During period, service is performed in part which ate and drank shopping in yukata at store in particular. It is holding that we include support charity to Great East Japan Earthquake and Kumamoto University earthquake earthquake disaster victim.

*As there is possibility to be changed in holding time and preparations including contents planning in the future, please understand.


■Part 1 ground cherry fair Wednesday, July 25, 26th Thursday from 17:30 to 22:00

We can enjoy various events commencing with ground cherry fair.


  1.  We sell cheeks enthusiast bowl by the executive committee direct management at Zenkokuji Temple door front.
  2. We carry out business trip sale such as neighborhood restaurants at door front stand corner Zenkokuji Temple door front. Number of the branches approximately 50 store.
  3. We establish "god of treasure child fair" of the executive committee direct management section in the Zenkokuji Temple precincts.
  4. We plan entertainment on special stage of the god of treasure stage god of treasure precincts.
    Held event (not direct administration of executive committee.) as follows simultaneous as for 5, 6.7
  5. Traditional event that one moxibustion to register lights moxa on what register one that we rode overhead and prays for health. Sponsorship: Good country temple
  6. It is guided tour of Kagurazaka by concierge NPO corporation "smart town planning club" with yukata.
  7. Yukata dressing service NPO corporation gives dressing by "smart town planning club" free.


■Part 2 Awa Folk Dance meet Friday, July 27, 28th Saturday from 19:00 to 21:00

*Stand does not exit for two days on the Awa Folk Dance date.



*Publication photograph is thing at the time of holding last year.


Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku




Kagurazaka Festival executive committee (Kagurazaka-dori Street store society, Honda Yokocho Alley store society, Kagurazaka relation street store society)


Kagurazaka-dori Street store society official site
NTT hello dial (guidance period from June 30 to July 29) TEL 03-5777-8600


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