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Garden physical from Isamu Noguchi sculpture, huh

"Huh, it is started body, garden at Isamu Noguchi sculpture" exhibition in Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery from Saturday, July 14 to Monday, September 24.



Exhibition which focuses on production of live Noguchi as cosmopolite this year which reaches 30 years after Isamu Noguchi death

Isamu Noguchi (1904-88) is artist representing the 20th century when we carried out a wide activity. Fusion and life of cultures that Noguchi aimed at and unification with environment may say with pioneer of the 21st century for art and connection with society.
The activity has a big influence on many artists, architects, designers to this day.

Even if there is Noguchi in field of abstract sculpture by book exhibition, having continued being always conscious of "body" and the consciousness leave for environment surrounding human being such as playground equipment design and landscape of child and pay our attention to having enlarged to passion to "sculpture of space" that it is said of Noguchi = garden.
Commencing with physical drawing with writing brush which young Noguchi drew in Beijing Sue work which produced stage-related work by collaboration with pioneer Martha Graham of modern dance in Japan light-sculpture "is lighted", and introduce with approximately 80 points that selected big picture of Noguchi art carefully to model, document concerned with garden and landscapes of << sunk garden for Chase Manhattan Bank plaza >> of New York and stone sculpture work which is shuniwa in later years.

Isamu Noguchi << sunk garden for Chase Manhattan Bank plaza >>
1961-64 years

©The Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum, New York / Artist Rights Society [ARS] - JASPAR. Photo by Arthur Levine.

Exhibition holding memory talk

Sculpture and stage art, furniture, design of lighting equipment, Isamu Noguchi who produced who is wide up to ceramic art, garden, landscape design again. At exhibition of Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, we press the whole aspect of activity aiming at "fusion of cultures" and "life and environmental unification" from a variety of works.
We are close to Isamu Noguchi for many years and, by this talk, invite people whom we contacted as production cooperator and read "present to the future" which episode and Isamu Noguchi in the production spot entrusted work with.


"-" from Isamu Noguchi - sculpture to body, garden held commemorative talk
"The spot of production of Noguchi talking about collaboration - terga and "present to the future"

[person of going on the platform]

Masatoshi Izumi (person of stone sculpture, Isamu Noguchi Japan foundation's director)
Show the Sadao (architect)
Listener: Ryu Niimi (quite prefectural art museum director, book exhibition supervisor)

[Date and Time]

It is finished at start 15:00 at opening 13:00 at 12:00 on July 14, 2018 [soil] (plan)


Park tower hall (the third floor of 3-7-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku Park Tower)


200 people
[application before application important business]

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Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery



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