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The tenth Kagurazaka rakugo Festival "Ushigome rakugo society"

Every year annual "Kagurazaka traditional arts 2018 tenth Kagurazaka rakugo festival" to reach the tenth in this year is held in Ushigome chest inhabitant of a ward hall on June 30!
Tokyo, Kagurazaka which did well as town of entertainment from the Edo era.

There were five variety halls early in the Showa era, and experts such as Kingoro Yanagiya or Shincho Kokontei held residence around Kagurazaka.

Led by rakugo society in Zenkokuji Temple which assumed study session of Sanyutei Kinba the opener in the 40, Showa generation, many comic storytellers who had popularity, ability are towns which flapped.

As event to inherit the tradition in now, "Kagurazaka rakugo Festival" began as handmade rakugo meeting by local people in 2009.

We direct combination that is 〝 historic 〟 which we cannot see in others.

We reached orthodox school, koimateikikukorejoshitakumi of Edo rakugo that was smart for producer than the first. Teacher continues holding regular one-person show in Zenkokuji Temple; and 13 years. It is central figure of "the third Kagurazaka rakugo boom" and is existence to be able to be called face of Kagurazaka rakugo now. We decided teacher oneself theme by "Kagurazaka rakugo Festival" every time and deleted look and realized rakugo fair only by Kagurazaka.

This time Zenkokuji Temple and Shinjuku Ward Ushigome chest inhabitant of a ward hall as venue seasonal stages such as famous family name performances to commemorate at the succession of the master's name of Kichinosuke Tachibanaya for qualification given to comic storyteller promotion performance to commemorate at the succession of the master's name of second generation Shingo Kokontei, willow bower komichi qualification given to comic storyteller promotion announcement, the second generation.

And return of 〝 legend 〟 Sanyutei Kinba who launched rakugo meeting in the god of treasure like the said article and 〝 unruly horse 〟 Senryu Kawayanagi of influential figure appear to large chicken appropriate for "Kagurazaka rakugo Festival" of the tenth anniversary.
The details are ⇒ Kagurazaka traditional arts 2018 Kagurazaka rakugo Festival to this


Photograph: koimateikikukorejoshitakumi


Extremity, here of Ushigome rakugo society art of narration.

The date: Saturday, June 30, 2018
[Venue] Shinjuku Ward Ushigome chest inhabitant of a ward hall (15, Tansumachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) 

Rate: Each time booking 3,500 yen / day 3,700 yen (all seat designation)


The matinee "collected studies of samisen art! Popular folk song revival - sanyuteishoenkaaratame me second generation Kichinosuke Tachibanaya performance to commemorate at the succession of the master's name
Expert, first Kichinosuke Tachibanaya of "popular folk song" that was predominant in generation from the Meiji era through the Showa era. Announcement performance of the famous family name succession to a person's name. Probably this is in the last first, or time is up in ⁉ variety hall, and it sends the first pride art "raccoon dog" that it is in full version that colored articles have chicken. Besides, secret surprise, please fully thoroughly enjoy charm of popular folk song to inherit the ⁉ first generation during plan, too. Furthermore, familiar popular comic storytellers gather in song Musashi, kyotaro, Kagurazaka called kikukorejo! It enlivens succession to a person's name performance noisily. Expectation that disposition is statement with all whom we became known to gathering, but that what jumps out or asks for!

Time: The curtain rises at 14:00

Appearance: Kichinosuke Tachibanaya (musical performance with instruments: with Katsura mountain), Sanyutei Utamusashi, Kyotaro Yanagiya, koimateikikukorejo

*There is performance to commemorate at the succession of the master's name statement by all the performers


Night place "Kotobuki imminent influential figure two that is a graduate. Finally appearance!"

The return of 〝 legend 〟 Sanyutei Kinba who brought back Kagurazaka rakugo in Zenkokuji Temple in the 40, Showa generation, and acted as chicken of this "Kagurazaka rakugo Festival" first. And two people of obvious influential figure 〝 unruly horse 〟 Senryu Kawayanagi appear in "Ushigome rakugo society". Please fully thoroughly enjoy art of narration of gem which attracts the audience on hot stage at the present that Kotobuki that is a graduate is close to. In two retreats society where these two people gather, this country is naive! Probably it is stage that is 〝 historic 〟 appropriate for large chicken of the last ⁉10 anniversary.

Time: The curtain rises at 18:00

Appearance: Sanyutei Kinba, Senryu Kawayanagi, Sanyutei Kinpachi, senryu horsetail



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