From Friday, June 9, 2017 to Monday, September 4

The beauty of various diaphragms and the technique

"World diaphragm" exhibition is held in Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum until from Friday, June 9 to Monday, September 4.


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We introduce the beauty of various diaphragms and the technique

Tie-dyeing expressed pattern by making undyed part part, and has been performed for a long time in all parts of the world. There are various methods "catching with model to sew, and to close to bind with thread" to make undyed part and is a great variety of to minute thing which the expression calculates undyed part from simple, abstract pattern which is blurred, and is brought about with condition accidentally of dye beforehand, and expressed pictorial pattern.

By book exhibition, we introduce approximately 25 countries including tear of Incaic civilization, the beauty of more than 130 points of various diaphragms and the technique in kimono, Asia of silk and cotton from last part of Edo era to the Showa era and folk costume, ancient times in Africa.

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Exhibition period

From Friday, June 9, 2017 to Monday, September 4

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From 10:00 to 16:30 (on Friday, June 30 on Friday, July 14 until 19:00. Until 30 minutes before admission closing)

Closed days Sundays and holidays

※On Sunday, June 11, we are opened on Sunday, August 6
※Summer closing: From Friday, August 11 to 20th Sunday


Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum

Admission charges public 500 yen, Odaka straight 300 yen, true 200 yen in the small

※More than 20 groups are discounted by 100 yen, and person with a disability and one person of attendance are free

Inquiry, the details

TEL 03-3299-2387

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