Friday, November 23, 2018
The curtain rises for 00 minutes at opening /14 time at 13:30 (17:00 curtain plan)

Shinjuku fashion field 2018

Fashion show "Shinjuku fashion field 2018" of young designers is held in Shinjuku Cultural Center coliseum on Friday (holiday) on November 23, 2018.

Fashion show of Shinjuku fashion field 2018 ... young designers
We hold in Shinjuku Cultural Center coliseum on Friday (holiday) on November 23, 2018! No charge for admission!

20 people who passed the first examination (design image examination) from design image put a lot from the whole country actually produce work and announce in fashion show form and compete for the grand prix. There is "audience prize" elected by vote of visitors.

A lot of handmade general shops open a store, too. Come to various fashion events by all means!
For more details, it is ⇒ Shinjuku Cultural Center official site


Winning work of last year


Theme of this year:
World ... which came out of The graffiti town - graffiti

When war was over, town was like graffiti that burnt
We have the black market such as graffiti on black smoke around sooty station a few days later
Peace such as graffiti stuck to town where postwar memory faded several decades when town began to move again later
Generations who do not know the ruin of a fire increased, but there is no sign that war changes countries as ever totally
Youths in disfavor with war invented LOVE&PEACE such as graffiti before long
They put flower in the muzzle of soldier, and culture of corner that spilled hatched in gorgeous graffiti from petal
Town prayed secretly
Power of mysterious graffiti that we cover street and rooted in underground continuing forever
Designer spins fairy tale of "the world beginning with graffiti"

[Date and Time]

We plan in the curtain at start (the 13:30 opening) - 17:00 at 14:00 on Friday (holiday) on November 23, 2018



Shinjuku Cultural Center coliseum



Fashion show
All 2,697 points of entry fashion shows with 20 works which passed the first examination (design image examination) from application.
Students take the most on both model and make. Each prize including the grand prix has "audience prize" that visitors vote and elect.

Talk session
Judge of apparel brand talks about various on-site work of fashion business.
It is once-in-a-lifetime chance to listen to real work content of the apparel industry.

Handmade general shop
In venue lobby, we hold handmade general shop at the same time. Approximately 50 stores open a store in original accessory shop.
Please find wonderful a piece of thing found only here
*Only in visitors, there is lottery where wonderful present of support company offer is!

The cosponsorship





Institute of association of Tokyo outfitting school Aoyama fashion college Tokyo announcement ESP school Tokyo beauty art technical school
Institute of Tokyo mode school culture outfitting Mejiro University

The support

Ashe pe France ABAHOUSE international Isetan Shinjuku main store Okadaya Shinjuku main store ships Jun group

BEAMS Co., Ltd. (the order of the kana syllabary)


Sponsorship, inquiry

Shinjuku Cultural Center (Shinjuku future creation foundation)
Tel: 03-3350-1141

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