From Wednesday, October 16, 2019 to Sunday, December 15

Large-scale private exhibition first in domestic art museum

"We step on kamiyu anro | snake" and hold exhibition in Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery until from Wednesday, October 16 to Sunday, December 15.


It is How Do You Feel 2018 ink on paper << which let's be going to have >>

courtesy the artist and kamel mennour (Paris/London) Metro Pictures (New York) Galerie König (Berlin) © ADAGP, Paris & JASPAR, Tokyo 2019

Large-scale private exhibition first in art museum of the kamiyu anro country

It is writer who kamiyu anro born in France makes full use of picture, sculpture, drawing, various media including installation in 1978, and searches "intellect" and the new horizon of "creation". Work crosses the range based on enormous researches moved by excellent intellectual curiosity to literature, philosophy, history of art, astronomy, anthropology, natural history, many divergences including digitized modern information science. However, what let sublimate to unification and creation to be able to be also known as (universal) of nature all nature liberally after not operating them as simple information, and having chewed reception/in order to assume culture (thing to keep alive after learning from everything, and having internalized) of wide sense of work of anro is greatest; is attractive.

Her production that did it this way will be known globally by having won silver lion Prize of Venice Biennale with picture work << grand fatigue >> in the 55th in 2013, and it is the third writer in Palace of Tokyo (Paris) in the entitled history of private exhibition holding of "carte blanche" (commission of full power, free hand) using all the buildings in 2017 and attracts attention as artist very much in the present age.

In Japan, we were introduced by Mori Art Museum MAM screen 006 mainly on picture including the special feature screening of nine points of short story pictures in screening, 2017 of << grand fatigue >> on the sixth Ebisu picture feast day in 2014. Book exhibition is opportunity to display the present generally for the first time until now of writer including large-scale installation work. Work of flower arrangement that gets full-scale cooperation of the grass moon style, and is produced in venue is attempt only by holding in Japan.

Answer of there will be to be able to sense that there are world law of nature (declining) and source of creation in various contradiction and ambiguous chaos bodily not being converged by one while following adventure to her insatiate intellect together.

 Is it Is it possible to be a revolutionary and like flowers <or we can love flower while being revolutionist>?

2011 -

photo: Fabrice Seixas/courtesy the artist and kamel mennour (Paris/London) Metro Pictures (New York) Galerie König (Berlin) © ADAGP, Paris & JASPAR, Tokyo 2019

<< blue fox >> The Pale Fox 2014

Display scenery (2017) in Palace of Tokyo

installation view at Palais de Tokyo (2017)

photo: Zachary Tyler Newton/courtesy the artist and kamel mennour (Paris/London) Metro Pictures (New York) Galerie König (Berlin) © ADAGP, Paris & JASPAR, Tokyo 2019



From Wednesday, October 16 to Sunday, December 15


Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery 3F gallery 1, 2

3-20-2, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


From the Keio New Line Hatsudai Station east exit a 5-minute walk (direct connection)

<Opening Hours>

11:00 - 19:00 (until 30 minutes before the last entrance closing 11:00-20:00/both on Friday and Saturday)


On Monday (in the case of holiday Tuesday, the following day)


Free of charge lower than general 1,200 yen (1,000 yen), university, high school student 800 yen (600 yen), junior high student

*We include admission of held "talks with store product exhibition 068 Ukan Ri version" "project N 77 Nanako Yamada" at the same time.

*There is store product exhibition admission ticket 200 yen (there is no discount), too.

*(groups rate more than 15 in)

*Person having disability certificate and one attendant are free.

*Member of meeting of Arts friend is free. (please show member's card)

*Of discount use together and cannot refund.


Tokyo opera city culture foundation

The support


The furtherance

Arts council Tokyo, the ansutichu Francais Paris headquarters


French embassy/ansutichu Francais Japan in Japan

Special cooperation

The grass moon society


Gallery kameru menuru


Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery

TEL: 03-5777-8600 (hello dial)

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