Saturday, July 7, 2018
The opening: 17:30, the start: 18:00

Star Festival planetarium live

"Starlit sky gokochi Star Festival planetarium live" is held in the eighth floor of Shinjuku kozumikkusenta planetarium on Saturday, July 7.

Do you not look up at starlit sky while listening to the investigation by piano and acoustic guitar? *Application before important business



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Starlit sky gokochi Star Festival planetarium live

At night of the Star Festival, do you not go out to starlit sky and excursion of music?
In summer starlit sky, have you seen triangle to glisten?
Star creating triangle is Deneb of Cygnus, Vega of Lyra, Altair of Aquila.
In Vega, Vega, Altair are Altair. Day when Altair can meet Vega only once a year is the Star Festival.
At this special night, planetarium live is held.
Listen to melody coloring various stories to hide behind in starlit sky in calm music of piano and acoustic guitar, starlit sky gokochinohitotokio.

For more information: → Official site

Performance contents

<appearance> Guitar paniyolo (Shuki Kosaka), guitar Daishi Nakamura, piano zmi (hot water spring village reflects)

<program> "tanabatasama" "When You Wish upon a Star" "orion" "summer sound" others

The details of performance contents and performer information are this → Starlit sky gokochi information site

[Date and Time]

The curtain rises at opening 18:00 at 17:30 on Saturday, July 7


The eighth floor of Shinjuku kozumikkusenta planetarium

〒169-0072 3-1-2, Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


Capacity : 140 one (majority lottery) where is higher than primary schoolchild
Rate : 1,600 yen (prior transfer system)
*All seat freedom

*Elementary school 1-3 years student is protector companion required

*Please refrain from act that other customers including entrance and exit performing publicly come to trouble.
*Please note that there is not break on the way.


<application method>

We can apply at the Internet, postcard, window. *It must arrive by Monday, June 11.
*Successful guidance and transfer paper are sent only to elected candidate by mail by Monday, June 18. 


The Shinjuku future creation foundation Sports Division in Shinjuku kozumikkusenta

TEL 03-3232-7701


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