Saturday, July 28, 2018
The 16:00 start (the 15:30 opening)

Singing voice "of" southern country affecting heart

"Okinawa music Festival" is held in Shinjuku Cultural Center on Saturday, July 28. Kazufumi Miyazawa of former THE BOOM joins special guest this year.


Okinawa music Festival

"Okinawa music festival" that started as cooperation performance of charming sights "Shinjuku EISA Festival" of Shinjuku of midsummer in 2005.

Led by Misako Koja, artists representing Okinawa music gather in a hall this year.
As special guest, Kazufumi Miyazawa of former THE BOOM increases this year. Please enjoy singing voice "of" southern country echoing in heart with warm message.

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[Date and Time]

The curtain rises at 16:00 on Saturday, July 28 (the 15:30 opening)


Shinjuku Cultural Center coliseum

〒160-0022 6-14-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo



Performer, program

<performer> Misako Koja, Kazufumi Miyazawa, silverberry, yanawaraba which, ugh, there is not, Aiko Yohen, *shin, Kazuya Sahara (direction, constitution)

<program> "Child God," it is "banner year leading" others "Asato-ya yunta"


All seat designation 4,000 yen
Shinjuku inhabitant of a ward discount 3,800 yen
Meeting discount 3,500 yen of Shinjuku Cultural Center friend

Ticket method for purchase, inquiry

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