Saturday, October 7, 2017
Start 16:00 (opening 15:30)

Folk song more than the times!

Concert "town which Shinjuku folk song flows" through is held in Shinjuku Cultural Center on Saturday, October 7.

The town event details that Shinjuku folk song spreads in are ⇒ Shinjuku Cultural Center official sites to this

The leading role of the 1970s, "post-baby boom generation."
Unforgettable music includes folk song with this generation.
Japanese folk song leaped from fork boom in the United States and diversified after various names such as campus fork, protest song, underground fork, message song, four-and-a half-mat room fork and established the original music scene. We do not only catch this concert only as good old folk song.
Song has you rouse up power of day when people of post-baby boom generation are young to listen to song and gives youths playing a key role of the coming times message beyond "the times, generation".

[Date and Time]

Saturday, October 7, 2017
Start 16:00 (opening 15:30)


Shinjuku Cultural Center coliseum


Kennichi Nagira

Billy van van  

Tetsuo Saito  


Yamazaki hako  

One's own pace  

Takada ripples


•Please refrain from entrance of preschool child.
•Please inform Shinjuku Cultural Center of one where view is hoped for with wheelchair on the telephone.
•Shinjuku inhabitant of a ward percent is window (certificate required), the handling only for telephone reservation. We can purchase to four pieces of person one resident in Shinjuku-ku.
•Student discount only as for window sale. Please show student identification cards.


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Sponsorship: Shinjuku Cultural Center (Shinjuku future creation foundation)

The furtherance: Area creation
Plan production: Eye Noah Shinjuku future creation foundation

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