Tuesday, January 15, 2019
The 19:00 start (the 18:30 opening)

Meeting of the New Year masterpiece Noh comedy

Special plan "different flow evening of acting in the same play" of the 40th anniversary of the Shinjuku Cultural Center opening.

Popular ability Shigeru Yamaga and the Nomuras best together to lead current Noh comedy world gather in Shinjuku Cultural Center.

Different passage of both families is valuable performance to become acting in the same play. Without right or wrong passing over.



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[Date and Time]

The curtain rises at 19:00 on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 (the 18:30 opening)


Shinjuku Cultural Center coliseum


Sensaku Shigeyama, Sengoro Shigeyama, Shigeru Shigeyama
Mansaku Nomura (living national treasure), Mansai Nomura, Yukio Ishida, Taichiro Nomura, Yuki Nomura 


"Talk" Sengoro Shigeyama Mansai Nomura

It is Sensaku Shigeyama Shigeru Shigeyama Sengoro Shigeyama chorus singer "the god of wealth" by iryujiutai (of blowing chew): Go Iida Shuichi Nakamura Hiroji Fukada Kazunori Takano Naito
Shinto shrine of the last day of the year. When worshipers surround beans of seeing the old year out, the god of wealth appears with the bright big laughter and we wish for sacred sake and preach early rising, mercy, way of Fuki including couple love and when votive offering to oneself fully does, we sing and dance.

"funetomuko" It is Mansaku Nomura Yukio Ishida Yuki Nomura (we carry crucian carp and turn)
muko which was carried on ferryboat in the middle of mukonyu ri (newly-married husband goes to house of father-in-law for greetings). While it is unavoidable and behaves as boatman who is regular drinker who fixed on sake barrel of souvenir shakes boat and begs forcibly, it is consumed at last and arrives at house of father-in-law with empty sake barrel. Well, seeing from shade, father-in-law is surprised in muko where he came over to. In fact, it is ... with the father-in-law.

Different flow "snail" acting in the same play (kagyu) Sengoro Shigeyama Mansai Nomura Taichiro Nomura
Taro young retainer whom we were appointed when we fetched * which became long-lived medicine. We think that it is * and, on seeing figure of Buddhist monk lying in clump of bamboo, call out. When when Buddhist monk pretends to be * in amusement, "do not appear, do not appear, steam, and Taro young retainer who completely fell jeers with insect", and dance; ...


All seat designation
S seat 5,000 yen A seat 4,500 yen B seat 3,300 yen
Shinjuku inhabitant of a ward discount: S seat 4,800 yen A seat 4,300 yen
Meeting discount of friend: S seat 4,600 yen A seat 4,000 yen
Y seat 2,000 yen


Sponsorship: Shinjuku Cultural Center (Shinjuku future creation foundation)


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Tel: 03-3350-1141

Coverage day: Friday, December 7, 2018

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