From Saturday, January 12, 2019 to Sunday, March 24

We copy map of light of this Naoki Ishikawa record of wins and losses

We start "we copy map of light of this Naoki Ishikawa record of wins and losses" on Saturday, January 12, 2019 in Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery until Sunday, March 24.

"K2" (2015)

Long-awaited private exhibition of photographer playing an active part in field in the world

Naoki Ishikawa (1977-) succeeds in the climbing of seven continent highest peaks at travelling on foot, 23 years old with human power at 22 years old from the North Pole to the South Pole and we take a trip to each place in length and breadth afterwards and continue photographing. Photograph by original style that adopted viewpoints such as anthropology or folklore attracts attention as activity to reflect daily life and the world.

"K2" (2015)


"CORONA" which arrested islands of Polynesia triangle "NEW DIMENSION" which photographed fresco in the prehistoric age to stay in each place "POLAR" where we represented people living for the Arctic Circle in introduces including tools that Ishikawa actually used activity before "ARCHIPELAGO" chasing islands ranging to the north and south of the Japanese Islands continuing up to the present day from the early days of Ishikawa including "K2" photographed by expedition to leave for Takamine of the world second place to be located in the Himalayan west end other than photograph and picture work widely.
It will be at opportunity when insatiate adventure and footprint and look of Naoki Ishikawa whom we continue searching reflect this star called the earth from new viewpoint.


"POLAR" (2007)


Flyer (the surface) (1.9MB)


[Naoki Ishikawa profile]


It was born in Tokyo for 1,977 years. Photographer.
Tokyo art university Graduate School art graduate course doctoral course completion.
The Japanese association of photograph rookie of the year title, Kodansha publication culture prize are won by "NEW DIMENSION" (red building), "POLAR" (little more).
"CORONA" Ken Domon Prize is won by (Aoto Corporation). A lot of "last adventurer" who won Takeshi Kaiko nonfiction prize in book (Shueisha) others.

Collection of 47 photographs publication project "Japanese Islands" which named "AmaDablam" (SLANT), the name of 47 metropolis and districts to become the sixth book of collection of photographs series which focused on (Mainichi Shimbun publication), Himalayan 8000m peak to the essay "extreme north" in the most new book series (SUPER LABO X BEAMS).

Collection of following photographs is issued to exhibition opening.
"We copy map of light of this record of wins and losses" (little more)
"AmaDablam" (SLANT)
"Japanese Islands / Ishikawa" "Japanese Islands / Yamaguchi" (SUPER LABO+BEAMS)


Allied event

●Held commemorative talk
February 9, 2019 [soil] 14:00 - 15:30
Daido Moriyama X Naoki Ishikawa

[Venue] Tokyo opera city Building 7F meeting room
Capacity: Each 160 times (all seat freedom)
[Fee] Free (as for the entrance of exhibition, there is an extra charge) rearranging ticket required

We distribute rearranging ticket at art gallery entrance from 11:00 on the day of the holding. Rearranging ticket only as for one piece of one.
By 13:40, please equal rearranging numerical order in front of venue (the seventh floor of the Tokyo opera city Building meeting room).

●Artist talk appearance: Naoki Ishikawa
① February 3, 2019 [day] 15:30 - 16:30
② March 9, 2019 [soil] 15:30 - 16:30

[Venue] Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery (the display room)
Application unnecessary (on the day admission ticket is necessary for participation. In addition, we may set a limit to entrance by the participation situation.) 




From Saturday, January 12, 2019 to Sunday, March 24


Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery [3F gallery 1, 2]

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From Keio New Line Hatsudai Station a 1-minute walk (direct connection)

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*There is store product exhibition admission ticket 200 yen (there is no / discount including project N), too.

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Nippon Life Insurance Co.



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