From Saturday, April 1, 2017 to Friday, June 30

Hotel carnival of Peter Rabbit (TM)

Picture book "Peter Rabbit" which is got close to all over the world

"Hotel carnival of Peter Rabbit" (TM) is started on Saturday, April 1 in commemoration of the birth 150th anniversary of author Beatrix Potter of author of picture book in Keio Plaza Hotel until Friday, June 30.
Specifically, it is ⇒ Keio Plaza Hotel official site from this


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Sweets party of Peter Rabbit (TM)

Peter Rabbit (TM) and friends behind sweets more than approximately 30 kinds.

It is to sweets, and that scene appearing unintentionally including "pie of MacGregor wife hot from the oven" and "cat firewood dumpling of Tom" "jam tart of apurii dapurii" is appearance.

You can enjoy British traditional cake becoming stage.

◇Place: The second-floor orudeidaningu <forest>

◇Rate: Adult 3,800 yen / dwarf 2,600 yen (belonging to drink)
◇Time: 3:00p.m. - 5:00p.m.L.O.

BEATRIX POTTER™ © It is 2017 FrederickWarne & Co

Girls-only gathering plan "cute night picnic of 3 sisters" of Peter Rabbit (TM) requires reservation

It is the excellent scene that is unbearable for Peter Rabbit enthusiast to appear in cooking.
It begins from appetizer reflecting the image of Fischer donga sandwich which you ate in "Jeremy Fisher donnoohanashi" and can enjoy Italian food which expressed view of the world of Peter Rabbit everywhere including main dish which "jimaima" of "cat firewood dumpling" which we made with pizza dough which "we knead, and this Tom" associated with scene to feel nervous about done to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel by cat firewood dumpling appearing for "story of Samuel of mustache" and good-natured person created from "story of jimaima of duck" to have a dangerous experience with course style.

◇Place: The second-floor French & Italian <deyuofurushietto>
◇Rate: 6,500 yen (it includes five articles of dishes, free drink with toast sparkling wine, service charge, tax)
◇Time: Entering a shop to 5:30p.m. - 7:30p.m.
◇The number of people: Two people ... [2.5 hours system]

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◇Until Afternoon Tea "teatime of chuchu wife" Wednesday, May 31

To drinks more than 30 kinds as for the tea of wife?
Please spend an elegant time with pretty sweets.

◇Place: The 45th-floor skylounge <aurora>
◇Rate: 4,300 yen
◇Time: 2:00p.m. - 4:30p.m.L.O. (limited number of)

BEATRIX POTTER™ © It is 2017 FrederickWarne & Co

Until "egg of spring Easter buffet with jimaima" Sunday, April 30

A lot of height of atmosphere of "wine dip of egg of jimaima" and Easter including "white omelette!"

◇The second-floor Super buffet <grass court>

◇Rate (adult one person):
Lunch (weekdays) 3,600 yen / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 4,100 yen
Dinner (weekdays) 5,600 yen / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 6,600 yen

BEATRIX POTTER™ © It is 2017 FrederickWarne & Co

It is made a reservation inquiry

(03) 3344-0111 (main) restaurant reservation

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