Sightseeing Routes


For writer feeling,
Slightly stylish town walk
(Geisha-Shinmichi others)


We leave JR, Tokyo Metro Iidabashi Station

sightseeing spot 1
Karuko-zaka Slope
Slope which came up in novel of Soseki Natsume

When people of keikagoji (karukomochi) which assumed that origin of the name of Karuko-zaka Slope puts cargo in the light basket and carries all over Edo City occupation lived a lot around here, it is said to be. We appear in great writer from Shinjuku-ku, novel of Soseki Natsume.

sightseeing spot 2
Alley of stone pavement leaving flavor of gay quarters

Alley of stone pavement to pass through is taken a walk through from according to Kagurazaka relation to Honda Yokocho. Entertainment district born in the Edo era prospers after the Meiji Restoration still more, and remains are left in cityscape.

sightseeing spot 3
Honda Yokocho
Did great writer walk, too? Yokocho of Kagurazaka maximum

Big Yokocho that about 70 stores form a line when we can pull Geisha-Shinmichi. We link the eaves around restaurant and are atmosphere that hesitates about restaurant street when we enter in one alley, and was crowded.

sightseeing spot 4
Zenkokuji Temple
It is wish at urban power spot

This temple which can be also known as symbol of Kagurazaka popular name "Bishamon." It is also called "god of treasure" and is known as fortunate God hearing a lot of wishes. In precious chance by all means prayer.

sightseeing spot 5
Ristorante Alberata
In risutorante which included seasonal ingredients in beauty

risutorante which Italian using seasonal ingredients can enjoy. We have naturalism glasses of wine. "We will have" elegant lunch in calm space of Kagurazaka.

Lunch weekdays 1,944 yen -/Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 3,240 yen ...
3-6, Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku Tsuruta Building 1F
sightseeing spot 6
Cream bun 227 yen
Kagurazaka Kameido
Cream bun which can stand in line

Well-known store of Kagurazaka that many people come for delicious bread every day. Quite popular cream bun clogged up with custard cream closely is sold out and is inevitable!

6-39, Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku

It arrives at Tokyo Metro Kagurazaka Station

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