Sightseeing Routes

Around Shinjuku Station

We discover new charm of Shinjuku
Nostalgic spot course
(Hanazono Shrine others)


We leave JR, the Tokyo Metro Shinjuku Station east exit

sightseeing spot 1
Fruit parfait 1,404 yen *It is price from April, 2016
Takano Fruit Parlor
We thoroughly enjoy exquisite sweets of discerning fruit

The founding 130 rest of life, fruit parlor of well-established fruit specialty store. Parfait which we fully used discerning fruit for is one article of great satisfaction in fresh and young taste!

3-26-11, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku 5F
sightseeing spot 2
Kabuki-cho entrance
Downtown of biggest in Japan scale is here!

Kabuki-cho which anyone associates speaking of well-established downtown. Godzilla can play the Shinjuku TOHO Building of mark in 2015 and we add new charm to entertainment only by Kabuki-cho and redevelop. Anyone evolves to town to be able to enjoy in peace.

sightseeing spot 3
Hanazono Shrine
Old days are still guardian angels of culture, entertainment of Shinjuku, too

Total local deity who continues watching this ground from the Edo opening the Edo shogunate past of Ieyasu Tokugawa. There was "entertainment Asama Shrine" dedicated to God of entertainment in the precincts and has established theater in the precincts. If know rich culture of Shinjuku; by all means worship.

5-17-3, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
sightseeing spot 4
One 378 yen
Hanazono Manju
It is good to souvenir. Famous confection which represents Shinjuku

Representative famous confection of Shinjuku which is loved for some time for 170 years. Added Shikoku Wasanbon sugar; is smooth; go; bean jam, refined taste of cinnamon vine…. Please come to souvenir after having gone for prayer to Hanazono Shrine.

5-16-15, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
sightseeing spot 5
Shinjuku Golden Gai
It is totally Showa? Nostalgic spot where nostalgic restaurant jostles

Corner where small bar or BAR affect. Long-established store and new shop link the eaves in turn and visit a lot young generation for new encounter and creative topic. It is spot on the rise toward foreign country.

sightseeing spot 6
Four Seasons Pathway
Promenade of healing of downtown striking distance

To way of healing to be able to draw breath apart from the noise if tired of walking. As urban green, this promenade maintained again as place of recreation and relaxation for inhabitants is chosen as "30 selections of green Shinjuku".

sightseeing spot 7
Set meal A 2,120 yen
Tempura Funabashiya
Refined Edo-style tempura which craftsman fries

Well-established tempura restaurant which attracts tsu in business for about 100 years. Tempura which craftsman fried in sesame oil made with traditional technique is fragrant and is taste according to frank status. Tempura set meal is popular.

3-28-14, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku

We arrive at JR, the Tokyo Metro Shinjuku Station east exit

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