Sightseeing Routes


In town leaving traditional scene,
Course that tastes petit Kyoto feeling
(Kagurazaka others)


We leave Tokyo Metro Kagurazaka Station

sightseeing spot 1
Goddess granting wish of woman is enshrined
Akagi Shrine
We pray in Shinto shrine granting wish of woman

Akagi Shrine which grants wishes such as the good match accomplishment, couple harmony, easy delivery. It is noble Shinto shrine considered to be one of Edo big shrines by Tokugawa shogunate government in the Edo era.

1-10, Akagimotomachi, Shinjuku-ku
sightseeing spot 2
Matcha anmitsu (with roasted tea) 600 yen
Oh, it is key cafe
Meal takes a short break in cafe to be able to enjoy, too

After prayer to cafe in the precincts of Akagi Shrine. Only by dinner menu full-scale from lunch, Japanese and Western o cross go wasetaakagi cafe to sweets can enjoy menu.

1-10, Akagimotomachi, Shinjuku-ku Akagi Shrine
sightseeing spot 3
Potato salad 100 g 190 yen
Side dish which is exquisite as souvenir

Side dish person which is quite popular in hometown. We gather from common side dish to delicacy. Unrivaled article menu using seasonal ingredients is recommended, too.

6-18, Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku
sightseeing spot 4
Symbol of Kagurazaka
Zenkokuji Temple
We pray at God of Kagurazaka

Zenkokuji Temple which can be also known as symbol of Kagurazaka. It is called "Bishamon" with friendly feeling. It is fortunate God hearing a lot of wishes.

sightseeing spot 5
Turkish rice 1,050 yen
Kagurazaka Toredo
We thoroughly enjoy taste of good old restaurant

Well-established restaurant founded in 1972. Curry, chicken cutlet, drawing card menu, turkish rice with full of the volume that three kinds were carried on one plate of Neapolitan are recommended.

2-6, Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku PORTA 1F, Kagurazaka

It arrives at JR, Tokyo Metro Iidabashi Station

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