Sightseeing Routes


In town leaving downtown area taste
Course that feels "the best" of Edo
(strange original Terakawa others)


We leave Seibu Shinjuku Line Nakai Station

sightseeing spot 1
"Path of sen" covering river with dyed goods exhaustively in February is held.
Myousyoji River
Riverside that is good to walk

Symbolic river of Ochiai where river is covered with dyed goods exhaustively when it is February. Along the river, traditional dye works and shops form a line.

*"Path of sen" covering river with dyed goods exhaustively in February is held
sightseeing spot 2
Can you do it well? ♪ Caffe latte 450 yen
Cafe which can experience latte art

Cafe which can draw latte art by oneself. It depicts painting of pretty animal if we request to staff.

1-3-2, Nakai, Shinjuku-ku
sightseeing spot 3
Honey plum (200 g) 777 yen
Well-known store to be able to enjoy favorite high quality pickled plum

Pickled plum store specializing of the highest grade "south Japanese apricot with red blossoms" in plums. Seasoning varies and can look for pickled plum of oneself preference while tasting.

1-1-10, Nakai, Shinjuku-ku
sightseeing spot 4
Chinese chive leva saute 500 yen
Meidai Ramen Daikichi
Shop which Fujio Akatsuka loved

Favorite ramen shop of Fujio Akatsuka. Chinese chive leva saute which we loved appears for that masterpiece.

1-17-1, Nakaochiai, Shinjuku-ku
sightseeing spot 5
Tsukimigaoka Hachiman Shrine
God of Ochiai proud of history

Shinto shrine which is said that Yoshiie Minamotono visits at the time of the Oshu conquest and prays for the victory, and to have planted pine. There is well of spring in the former precincts ground of Kamiochiai, and it is said to be origin that moonlight appeared in the surface of the water neatly.

1-26-19, Kamiochiai, Shinjuku-ku

It arrives at Seibu Shinjuku Line Nakai Station

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