Sightseeing Routes


In Ochiai where flower and green are rich
Course that is healed leisurely
(Seseragi no Sato Park others)


We leave Seibu Shinjuku Line Shimo-Ochiai Station

sightseeing spot 1
Seseragi no Sato Park
We take a walk by the murmuring leisurely

Park where flower and the fresh green of azalea are beautiful. Cherry blossoms in full bloom are seen in spring. As there is open space where flower bed and playground equipment were placed in, it is good though we spend in families.

*Opening hours: 9:00-18:00 (as for from November to March until 17:00)
 [Closed days] Monday (in the case of holiday the next day), New Year holidays
1-1, Kamiochiai, Shinjuku-ku
sightseeing spot 2
Photo courtesy: Shinjuku-ku
Ochiai Chuo Park
Active group which wants to move body is park of satisfaction

Park which jogging course and healthy playground equipment, baseball field of artificial turf, any people regardless of age or sex including tennis court can enjoy to playground equipment that child can play.
It is popular spot that a lot of neighboring people visit.

1-2, Kamiochiai, Shinjuku-ku
sightseeing spot 3
Sauce cutlet set meal 850 yen
Side cafe ki
Real soba that soba enthusiast groans

Authentic hand-kneaded Echizen soba and noodle shop cafe which coffee can taste. White meal and seasoning rather deep Sauce Katsudon excellent at affinity are popular.

2-12-2, Kamiochiai, Shinjuku-ku
sightseeing spot 4
Tsukimigaoka Hachiman Shrine
Shinto shrine which watches Shinjuku for a long time

As for the Tsukimigaoka Hachiman Shrine, there is well in the former precincts ground, and it is said that it came to be called so because moonlight looked to the surface of the water beautifully. In the precincts as for the cultural heritage of Shinjuku-ku.

1-26-19, Kamiochiai, Shinjuku-ku
sightseeing spot 5
Bakery cafe
Cui Cui
nohokkori cafe proud of homemade bread

It is popularity in taste that home brew bread which we make all from dough in shop is kind. It is baker loved by neighboring person.

1-3-4, Nakai, Shinjuku-ku

It arrives at Seibu Shinjuku Line Nakai Station

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