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Information of the enrollment

The handling of personal information

We manage personal information to hold commencing with member information with attention of good manager based on "personal information protection official regulations" and, about matter which had you register, will use for various conduct, administration of business that our association performs and notification from our association.

About update

When there is not proposal of withdrawal, it continues automatically from the next fiscal year and updates.

The enrollment privilege

Regular member

  1. Banner ad charges kind treatment (a 20% discount from general rate) of website
  2. Advertisement charges kind treatment (a 20% discount from general rate) of sightseeing information magazine "Shinjuku plus"
  3. In Shinjuku Tourist Information Center, setting given priority, priority of poster notify flyer brochure
  4. Events give priority to various information, and, in HP, SNS, they send
  5. It is introduced facilities for tourist
  6. Support, the cosponsorship of event, various consultation, cooperation
  7. Introduction about coverage from the media
  8. Consultation of duties trust on the occasion of association business operation
  9. Information for regular general meeting, congratulations reception
  10. Various announcements of association issues

* Please consult about store, facility of outside of a ward.


Supporting member

  1. Information for regular general meeting (there is not voting right), congratulations reception
  2. Various announcements of association issues

Membership fee

Regular member (corporation) One share: 10,000 yen/year (five shares or more)
Regular member (individual) One share: 10,000 yen/year (one share or more)
Supporting member (corporation, individual) One share: 5,000 yen/year (one share or more)

*We will send bill to person who had member application by mail.

Flow until the enrollment

The enrollment reception desk, inquiry

Membership application form (34.7KB)

PDF documents (266.4KB)

Address Shinjuku Convention & Visitors Bureau
〒160-0023 6-8-2, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku BIZ Shinjuku 3F
Telephone 03-3344-3160
FAX 03-3344-3190
E-mail [email protected]

*Apply in one of email, FAX, mail, the bringing.
*With telephone or inquiry form, please feel free to contact if you have any questions.

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