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Advertisement publication handling summary

Shinjuku Convention & Visitors Bureau
Website advertisement publication handling summary


We shall establish necessary matter about publication of advertisement to website (we say "association website" as follows.) that Shinjuku Convention & Visitors Bureau (we say "association" as follows.) manages this Article 1 summary and runs.

Position of advertisement

Association decides position of Article 2 advertisement.

Range of advertisement

Contents of linked site that Article 3 advertisement and the advertiser appointed do not place the advertisement in any of one of each next issue.

  1. Of the political nature or religiousness there is
  2. Principles, claim about social problem
  3. It might be exaggerated or false
  4. It might be against public order and morals
  5. We slander third party and we slander or expel
  6. Thing about type of industry similar to business of offering food and entertainment based on law (1948 law 122nd) about adequacy of regulation such as business of offering food and entertainment and duties and business of offering food and entertainment
  7. We might violate copyright, property right, privacy of third party
  8. It is against laws and ordinances, rule
  9. Association admits that it is not suitable as other advertisements to place

Standard of advertisement

It is said that, as a general rule, standards of Article 4 advertisement are as follows

  1. Size : 260 pixels of wide 340 X length
  2. Data format : PNG recommendation (as for JPEG form or GIF form, possible)

Advertisement publication application

Article 5

  1. When there is application more than offer frames which association establishes, we do with lottery. But member of association shall accept with precedence.
  2. Advertiser makes advertisement manuscript with burden on advertiser according to way to point out of association and must submit by date when association appointed.

Publication period of advertisement

Article 6

  1. As a general rule, we do with every year (April - next year March) and, during period to place advertisement, do by hope if one-month publication is possible.
  2. As a general rule, on the starting date to place advertisement, we do with the first day of the moon to place the advertisement concerned in.
  3. As a general rule, on end day to place advertisement in, we do with the last day of the moon to place the advertisement concerned in.
  4. You assume in principle automatic update about update and must offer so to association within ten days before end day during publication period when you do not hope for update.

Changes such as advertisement contents

Article 7

  1. When we change link of advertisement, we reckon from day when we are going to change, and advertiser shall tell association up to seven days before.
  2. When we judged that association does not deserve to be about contents, design of advertisement, we can demand change for advertiser.

Cancellation of advertisement publication

Association of Article 8 can cancel publication of advertisement in any of one of each next issue.

  1. When rate is not paid by day that reckons from day of request of association, and passes on 30th.
  2. When we judged that it was not appropriate that association continued advertisement publication.

Advertisement publication charges

We do publication charges of Article 9 advertisement according to the following tables.

Publication period One month
Normal rate 10,000 yen (tax-included)
Member of association rate 8,000 yen (tax-included)


Article 10

  1. Applicant must consent that publication of advertisement may be stopped for a certain period of time by reason to advocate next beforehand.
    (1) Stop for update, correction of association website
    (2) Stop due to check, server and telecommunication line failure
  2. We cannot demand return of publication rate by publication of advertisement having been stopped due to foregoing paragraph for a certain period of time, compensation of the damage from association.
  3. Advertiser shall bear all responsibility that they occurred about publication of advertisement or advertisement non-publication and is direct, and, about any damage that they occurred indirectly, association does not suffer responsibility to compensate.

Other matters

Other than thing to fix for Article 11 summary, association establishes necessary matter about advertisement publication particularly.

This additional clause summary takes effect on June 1, 2014.

This additional clause summary takes effect on June 1, 2015.

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