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Information about advertising



In Shinjuku sightseeing promotion association, we raise banner ads of official web site.

  1. Position : Top page bottom
  2. The number of the frames : 10 frames
  3. Standard
    Size : 260 pixels of wide 340 X length
    Data format : PNG recommendation (possible in JPG or GIF)
  4. Period : As a general rule, as for every year (April - next year March) (want, as for a more one-month publication, possible)
  5. Rate : Monthly basis 10,000 yen (member of association monthly basis 8,000 yen) *Tax-included
  6. Application : Please send application to our association (mail, fax, E-mail, bringing)

*Publication conditions look at "Shinjuku Convention & Visitors Bureau website advertisement publication handling summary" about other things.

Banner ad publication application (23.1KB)

Banner ad publication application (50.8KB)

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