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About recruitment of staff of 2017 part-time service

It recruits the part-time service staff of adoption on date on April 1, 2017.

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Is it sweet? Is it hot? Chocolate

Chocolate using Naito red pepper was born! It is collaboration product in commemoration of Shinjuku-ku and the friendship tie-up tenth anniversary of Ina-shi. We are selling for a limited time!

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It is jowazawaimanekifuku at the bean-scattering ceremony

Traditional end of winter event is held in each Shinto shrine in Shinjuku-ku on Friday, February 3. We pay malarial air and accident, and let's reach spring filled with hope!

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Meeting of New Year masterpiece Noh comedy

"Meeting of New Year masterpiece Noh comedy" is held in Shinjuku Cultural Center on Wednesday, January 25. Superstars of both families standing in top of Noh comedy world gather in a hall; the beginning of the New Year…

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Let's enjoy sports in Shinjuku-ku

Tokyo where the mood to meeting is gradually sublimed into with Tokyo Olympics Paralympics holding near at hand in 2020. As meeting place candidate above all main in Shinjuku-ku of construction advance…

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Under Soseki Natsume original goods sale!

Soseki Natsume is born and raised, and Shinjuku-ku is the town which died. It is cute ichihitsusen and chestnut which we were associated with if "I am cat" of Soseki Natsume in Shinjuku Historical Museum…

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